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BashSenpai is a terminal assistant powered by ChatGPT that transforms instructions into ready-to-use commands.

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Context & convenience

By bringing ChatGPT to your terminal we give you two main benefits - the convenience of getting answers without leaving the terminal and better answers by providing context with your questions.

Better answers through self-reflection

Research has shown that self-reflection can significantly improve the quality of the answers. We implemented a multi-step process where the model can look at its own answers and improve them, before presenting them to you.

YOUR BashSenpai

Give your assistant some personality, just for fun.

$ senpai become angry pirate
$ senpai where is my cuda folder?
# Ahoy matey! Ye be wonderin' where yer CUDA folder be, aye? Listen up! If ye be on a Linux shell environment, ye can easily find the CUDA folder by runnin' this command here:

# This'll give ye the path to yer CUDA folder. If that variable is not set (Avast ye!), try runnin' this command:
sudo find / -name "cuda" -type d 2>/dev/null

# This'll search fer any directory named "cuda" in the root directory and output the results. Now set sail and find yer CUDA folder!

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